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 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Rates PaymentPay your rate account in full or pay an instalment
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Dog Registration RenewalPay your dog registration renewal
Cat Registration RenewalPay your cat registration renewal
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Licence / Permit PaymentPay your permit, including:
    - Health Registration fee - Signs & Goods - Footpath Traders permit
    - Additional (Extra) Animal permit
    - Domestic Animal Business (eg. pet shop) permit.
    - General Local Laws
    - Additional (Extra) Residential Parking permit
    - Swimming Pool or Spa Registration Fee
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Application Fees PaymentPay your application fees
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Animal fines paymentPay your animal fines
Local Laws fines payment (except parking fines)Pay local laws fines (except parking) - e.g. deposit litter, notice to comply, overhanging vegetation, fire risk, etc.
Asset Protection fines paymentPay your asset protection fines
Public Health - Wellbeing InfringementsPay Public Health and Wellbeing Infringements
Public Health - Tobacco Act InfringementsPay Tobacco Infringements
Public Health - Food Act InfringementsPay Public Health Food Act Infringements
EPAPay EPA Infringements
Swimming Pool/Spa InfringementsPay Swimming Pool Infringements
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions